Funding Hachyderm

How to fund Hachyderm and our sponsor list.

🎉 Thank you to all our donors and sponsors! 🎉

Hachyderm is primarily funded by individual Hachydermians either directly to the Hachyderm project or to Hachyderm’s parent org, the Nivenly Foundation. Although corporate accounts assist with paying for Hachyderm’s infrastructure costs, they are not the primary source of funding for Hachyderm.

Note that we moved off Kris Nóva’s Ko-Fi as of March 2023. As we start receiving other sponsorship sources we will post updates here.

How to donate

One fast, easy way to donate to help finance Hachyderm is directly via Hachyderm’s GitHub Sponsors page:


Hachyderm’s GitHub sponsors page has a few benefits, including:

  • Sponsor icon on your GitHub profile
  • (Optional) A shout out on our #ThankYouThursday on Hachyderm’s Hachyderm account starting in April.
  • (Optional) Added to our Thank You list at the bottom of this page starting in April.

For both the shoutouts and Thank You list: we will use your GitHub username by default. If you would like this changed please either submit a PR or email us at

Donation Options

The three ways to support Hachyderm are:

  • Donating directly to the Hachyderm project
  • Donating to Hachyderm’s parent organization, the Nivenly Foundation
  • Purchasing swag

Regular Donations

(… and swag)

Please visit our swag store if you’re looking to update your awesome assortment of shirts, mugs, stickers, and so on:

The Nivenly Foundation and Membership

The Nivenly Foundation is the parent organization for Hachyderm. The non-profit co-op itself is being founded over the course of 2023. Currently, Nivenly is a recognized non-profit in the State of Washington, with upcoming milestones to be completed with the IRS. Please check out Nivenly’s webpage and Hachyderm account for updates as we reach different milestones.

As relevant to Hachyderm: since the Nivenly Foundation funds Hachyderm and other projects, this means that Nivenly donations and memberships also support Hachyderm. The main difference between the paths of supporting Hachyderm is that Nivenly members take part in member elections and non-member sponsors and donors do not. Regular donations do not count as or toward memberships, but you can change your preference from donor to member at any time.

General Nivenly Membership can be purchased through Nivenly’s new Open Collective page. If you are looking to join Nivenly as a project or trade member, you must email

Kris Nóva’s Ko-Fi

Originally, Hachyderm was primarily funded through donations to Kris Nóva’s Ko-Fi. Although her Ko-Fi page is still active for her Twitch stream, please donate to Hachyderm using one of the paths above.

Thank you everyone!

Our first set of Thank Yous will be added here in April, one month after our March 2023 release. Updates afterward will be quarterly in June, September, and December 2023. We will update from our public GitHub Sponsors primarily, as we are treating private GitHub Sponsors, Ko-fi, and Stripe donations private. If you have sent us a donation via one of these and do not want it to be private, and do want to be on this page, please contact us at The amount each donor donated will not be listed on this page, name/handle only.