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Monetary Posts

Policies and thoughts on monetarily focused post (including but not limited to: mutual aid, charity fundraisers, affiliate links), and its relationship to Hachyderm users and marginalized communities.

    All of us are part of a larger capitalistic society. As a result, we acknowledge that conversations will arise that are centered around money or the need for money. We also acknowledge that many of our users are marginalized and may need financial assistance. We want Hachyderm to be a home for science, technology, and collaboration while also embracing the incredible capacity for us as humans to care for one another.

    In order to support this philosophy, we have a few guidelines for how we expect users to engage with one another when it comes to money.

    The Platinum Rule

    Treat others as they wish to be treated.

    For many people, money is a sensitive topic. We ask that you be mindful of this when engaging with others. If you are unsure of how to engage with someone, ask them. If you are unsure of how to engage with a group, ask them. If you are unsure of how to engage with a community, ask them.

    In the case of Hachyderm, we ask that you be considerate of people’s posts timelines by:

    • Monitoring the frequency of your posts
    • Using summary sentences to describe your post
    • Using content warnings to hide the details of your post when appropriate

    Mutual Aid


    Mutual aid is a form of solidarity-based support that is centered around the idea that we all have something to offer and we all have something we need. Mutual aid is not charity. Mutual aid is not a handout. Mutual aid is a way for us to support one another in a way that is not hierarchical or exploitative.

    Hachyderm unequivocally supports all calls for mutual aid. -Nóva

    As a community that focuses on being a safe space and supporting the needs of marginalized people, we support mutual aid efforts. The rules below help to ensure individuals are not exploiting the needs of marginalized people to the benefit of others.

    Things to keep in mind when posting about mutual aid:

    • Mutual aid is not charity. Mutual aid is not a handout. Mutual aid is a way for us to support one another in a way to support one another without demanding status or favors over another being.
    • Mutual aid typically involves a one-to-one interaction. However, please remember your mental health as you interact with the community and only share what you are comfortable with discussing.

    Posting about Mutual Aid

    • You should include “#MutualAid” either at the beginning or end of your post.
    • Mutual aid post should still be appropriately marked with content warnings when applicable, but you can add mutual aid to the title to help with engagement. For example, if the need from the mutual aid is related to domestic abuse, you could use the Mutual Aid: Domestic Abuse content warning.

    Charity Fundraisers


    Charity fundraisers are a way for us to support organizations that are doing work that we believe in. Charity fundraisers are not typically a way for us to support individuals.

    Posting about Charity Fundraisers

    While we are appreciative of the incredible work that large organizations can do for individuals in need, specialized accounts that are focused on charity fundraisers are not permitted at this time as we do not have the capacity to vet each organization.

    All others user posts related to charity fundraisers should include “#FediFundraising” either at the beginning or end of your post.


    Affiliate links allow an individual to earn a commission when someone purchases a product or service through their link. Affiliate links are a way for you to earn money without having to create a product or service.

    Typically users that are posting affiliate links are doing so from a business capacity.

    • You must include “#AffiliateLinks” either at the beginning or end of your post.
    • Accounts that are utilizing affiliate links will be moderated based on the Specialized Account Expectations. Should you choose to utilize affiliate links, you will be expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the Specialized Account Expectations.
    • Posts that include affiliate links may not be made through an automation. All posts must be made by a human.
    • Posts that include affiliate links must be made by the individual that is receiving the commission. You may not post affiliate links on behalf of another individual.



    Crowdfunding is a way for individuals to raise money for a specific project or cause. Crowdfunding is typically done through a platform such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe.

    Posting about Crowdfunding

    Please use the below matrix to determine how to interact with crowdfunding posts.

    Type of CrowdfundingPoster Financially BenefitsPoster Does Not Financially Benefit
    Mutual AidCrowdfunding for a mutual aid effort is allowed. Please review the mutual aid section above.Please ensure that the individual(s) impacted are okay with the distribution of their information.
    Not Mutual AidAs a community that focuses on science and technology, we want to support the incredible work that is being done by our users. However, we ask that you be mindful of the frequency of your posts and review the Specialized Account Expectations for more information. For non-tech crowdfunding, we recommend an alternative platform.We are excited that you are excited!