Exceptions and Rule Changes

Steps to take to request an exception to an existing rule or a rule change.

The Rules

In accordance with the Moderator Covenant:

Hachyderm moderators acknowledge the importance of server rules / Codes of Conduct that are complete and clear. Hachyderm moderators also acknowledge that the entirety of human behavior cannot be captured by an itemized list, no matter how many subsections it has, and therefore use [a set of] principles to ensure that we are always able to take action even in situations where a reported infraction “falls between the cracks”.

This means that we will always do our best to take action on reports, but we also acknowledge that there are situations where the rules may not be clear or may not apply. In these cases, we will do our best to take action that is in the spirit of the rules and the spirit of the Hachyderm community. In addtion, we will work to expand and clarify the rules as the community grows and the need change.


If you would like to request an exception to the rules, please email us at admin@hachyderm.io with the following information:

  • Your username
  • A link to or description of the rule that you are impacted by
  • A description of why you believe you are an exception

Rule Changes

There are two routes for changing rules:

  • Create a new issue in the Hachyderm Community’s GitHub Issues
    • Select “Documentation Request,” if you believe that the documenation associated with a specific rule needs to be updated
    • Select “General Suggestions,” if you believe would like to propose a new rule or a modification to the rule
  • Create a pull request with the proposed update
    1. When viewing the documentation, click the “Edit this page” link in the right-hand menu of the page (only visible on desktop)
    2. Make the changes you would like to see
    3. Commit the changes to your fork
    4. Create a pull request with the changes