Moderation at Hachyderm

How we moderate here at Hachyderm

Here you will find everything you need to know about what to do if you’ve been moderated, including:

  • The specific actions we take and what they mean or imply
  • How to appeal and how we work around limitations with the appeal process
  • What we promise as moderators to moderate Hachyderm

Moderation Actions and Appeals Process

Information about the different actions that moderators take and what to do if you’ve been moderated.


Community information about Blocklists and how Blocklists are built.

Moderator Covenant

How Hachyderm moderators moderate Hachyderm.

Reporting Issues and Communicating with Moderators

How to report issues and interact with the moderation team.

Exceptions and Rule Changes

Steps to take to request an exception to an existing rule or a rule change.