Mastodon's UI and Features for Users

Subset of supplemental documentation for Mastodon users.

This section documents features and processes maintained by Mastodon. For issues related to these features and/or processes, please reach out to the Mastodon team directly on the Mastodon project’s GitHub.

For issues with this doc page itself, please reach out to us on Hachyderm’s Community Issue tracker.

The documentation in this section is meant to supplement, not supplant, Mastodon’s documentation at This section of the documentation is specifically for the Mastodon UI and features that are used by our general, non-moderator, users.

Content Warnings

Describes what the content warning feature is and how it operates.

Mastodon User Profile and Preferences

What Mastodon’s user profile and preferences are and how to configure them.

How to Verify with Mastodon

How to verify with Mastodon.