Influencer Accounts

In short, we welcome all influencers and have an open door policy for any large influencer account who would like to make Hachyderm a home.


  • We welcome influencer accounts
  • If you have a following of more than 10K on any platform, please reach out to us at before announcing your account to your followers.
  • You may want to verify with Hachyderm, depending on your content.

Self Promotion

We believe that all influencers should be free to promote their brand and their content on our site, however we have a high bar with regard to product marketing.

We draw the line between “personal brand” and “corporate account”. The latter would need to adhere to our corporate account policy.

In short, if you are representing yourself, then you should be fine to self promote on Hachyderm. If your content is close to one of our other account types, and potentially not only your own personal brand and/or there’s high overlap between your personal brand being a “brand-brand”, please reach out to us at so we can see if verification would be beneficial for your account. (We do not have this process open to general user accounts.)

Tech Twitch Streamers

Twitch streamers are welcome!

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Large Accounts - More than 10k on any platform

We’ve had a couple of instances where accounts with large followers needed assistance with their account migrations. Early in the Twitter migration, Ian Coldwater joined our community and with them brought roughly 600 new users in less than an hour. This unexpected rise in traffic took our team of volunteers off guard and ended up slowing our service down for the evening. (With our infrastructure migrated off The Watertower and into more resilient architecture, this should no longer be a concern.)

The other main instance is when Scott Hanselman migrated over from his previous Mastodon home. Due to the large number of followers that came with him, we had tickets opened on both our own Community Issue Tracker and on Mastodon’s issues, to help us re-prompt remote servers that had not responded to the initial migration request.

So essentially, we want to make sure that when you migrate over that we’re aware so we are prepared if we need to do anything for backend processes or potentially re-prompt remote servers (i.e. neither Hachyderm nor your original Mastodon home server) to migrate followers if they become stuck during your migration.

As a rule, if you have more than 10K followers on an existing platform, we ask that you reach out to us directly at or via the Nivenly Discord (if you’re already in there) before announcing your arrival to your followers so we can prepare to assist as needed.