Curated Accounts and Content

Curated accounts are accounts that post content on a regular basis that the account owner(s) have previously vetted. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Job postings for a specific profession, industry, or from a particular source
  • Newsletter or newsletter-like postings relevant to a particular profession or industry
  • Podcasts or other streaming focused content
  • Conference aggregators for CFPs, tickets, sign-up date(s), etc.

Restrictions on behavior

Curated posts, whether they are a dedicated account type or an account that features them prominently, have restrictions on this server.

  • Curated accounts must be “on topic”. To put it another way, they must be directly relevant to the tech industry.
  • Curated accounts must follow the same posting rules as automated posts. Notably this includes:
    • There is an upper limit of 5 curated/scheduled/automated posts per day. Lower is better.
    • Posts cannot violate other rules
      • This includes server rules disallowing spam, fundraising, NSFW/18+ content (et al)
      • Hybrid accounts, those that make use of curated content and are also another specialized type, are bound to all sets of rules for their combined, hybrid, account type.
      • Posts cannot violate the Specialized Account Expectations
    • Similar to bots, curated accounts must use the #hachygrator hashtag (“Hachyderm” + “Aggregator”) in their posts to allow users to opt-in or opt-out.
  • Curated accounts must be verified with Hachyderm
  • Where applicable, accounts should be verified with their relevant domain(s).