Corporate Accounts

Who should make corporate accounts, how to make them, and their rules and restrictions.


What is a Corporate Account

Corporate accounts are specialized accounts that apply to those running accounts for businesses and business-like entities. This can include certain types of projects, conferences / events, and non-profit organizations as well as traditional for-profit companies of any size.

Some corporate accounts may be affiliated with Nivenly Trade Members, although this is not a requirement. (Clarification: this is a requirement we removed prior to the 1 Mar 2023 launch.) For a quick summary of Nivenly, please see the end of this article.

Rules and restrictions

Corporate accounts:

Corporate account application information and cost

In order to apply to create a corporate account, please email us at We will go over the rules and expectations with you and help you be successful interacting with members of our community.


Corporate account standard pricing is tiered based on size and is as follows:

  • <25 employees: $650/year
  • 25-49 employees: $1000/year
  • 50-99 employees: $1500/year
  • 100-149 employees: $2000/year
  • 150-999 employees: $2500/year

Entities with 1000+ employees or more than 50,000 followers will have customized High Volume pricing based on resource usage. If you believe your entity would fall in this range, please mention that you will need High Volume Pricing when you email us at

If you are a small startup (<25 employees) and $650/year would be a burden: please still reach out to us! We want to help the industry as much as possible and work with you.


The Nivenly Foundation

The Nivenly Foundation will facilitate Hachyderm’s governance as well as support other open source projects. The governance model will be democratic in nature, and all Nivenly Trade members will be given a vote in member level elections. For more information, see

How to become a Nivenly Trade Member

If you are interested in starting the conversation about the Nivenly Foundation and Trade Membership: please email us at

Current corporate accounts

Listed here for historical purposes. Please note that as of 1 Mar 2023 all corporate accounts are verified / approved with Hachyderm.

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