Hachyderm Community Documentation

Our documentation is currently in the process of migrating here. Some documentation maybe be incomplete or in flight while this message remains enabled.

The Hachyderm community documentation has traditionally lived in our community GitHub repository. Currently, we are in the process of migrating our documentation to this website.


Community information about Blocklists and how Blocklists are built.

Open Source Infrastructure

Understand our public infrastructure and learn what keeps #Hachyderm online.

Reporting Issues and Communicating with Moderators

How to report issues and interact with the moderation team.

Rule Explainer

Expands on the different rules that govern Hachyderm.

Sexual Content

Understanding the depth of sexual content, NSFW content, 18+ content, sexually charged content, sexual imagery, and its relationship to Hachyderm users and marginalized communities. Understanding our policy, and our thoughts on the topic.

Account Types