Hachyderm Community Documentation

Welcome to Hachyderm!

Here we are trying to build a curated network of respectful professionals in the tech industry around the globe. Welcome anyone who follows the rules and needs a safe home or fresh start.

We are hackers, professionals, enthusiasts, and are passionate about life, respect, and digital freedom. We believe in peace and balance.

Safe space. Tech Industry. Economics. OSINT. News. Rust. Linux. Aurae. Kubernetes. Go. C. Infrastructure. Security. Black Lives Matter. LGTBQIA+. Pets. Hobbies.

Quick FAQs to Get Started

How do you pronounce “Hachyderm”?

Pronounced hack-a-derm like pachyderm. (Audio link.)

(What is a pachyderm?)

Running a service is expensive. How can I donate?

There are a few ways to support us, including through Hachyderm’s GitHub Sponsors page. For additional ways to support, including supporting via Nivenly, please take a look at our Funding and Thank You doc.

Is Hachyderm down or just me? Or: I think I’m having a service issue.

To see if Hachyderm itself is up and running, please look at:

To report a full or partial outage, or an issue with a particular feature not working as expected, please use our Community Issues on GitHub.

Where are all those great incident reports I keep hearing about?

On our blog.

Also: The famous “The Queues ☃️ down in Queueville” Incident Report

I’m new to Mastodon in general. Help?

If you’re new to Mastodon in general, we recommend taking a look at Mastodon.Help’s brief explainer about what Mastodon is and isn’t, as well as taking a look at fedi.tips for some How To Dos.

As for How to be a Hachydermian, take a look at the docs in our Hachyderm section.

Can I create a non-user account?

Accounts that are not for an individual person’s personal use are referred to as “Specialized Accounts” and are categorized as corporate, bots, curated, OSS Project, Community Event, and Influencer Accounts. Some accounts are restricted and/or invite-only and many have rules governing how they can interact with the platform. Unrecognized account types are suspended. Please read our Account Types documentation for more information.

I am the mod / admin of another instance and need to contact the Hachyderm mods / admins.

Please email us at admin@hachyderm.io.

I have an issue that requires the moderation team, please help.

If the issue is regarding a user or post, please use the report feature in Mastodon. If you need to reach the mods another way, please look at our Reporting and Communication page.

I have been moderated and would like to know what to do.

Please take a look at our Moderation Actions and Appeals page.

I would like to know more about how Hachyderm is moderated, so that I can determine if Hachyderm is a safe space for me.

Please start by looking at both our Rule Explainer and our Moderator Covenant. The main rule of Hachyderm is “Don’t Be A Dick” and the remaining rules explicitly call out common “whataboutisms”. The Rule Explainer dives into these different facets to provide additional clarity. The Moderator Covenant is to show how the rules are enforced and what is used to guide our decisions.

The other rules we have are governing the account types permitted on Hachyderm and how often they can post and how they can interact on the platform.

Our logo was designed by the lovely Ashton Rainbows. (website, Instagram)

Thank you Ashton!

Funding Hachyderm

How to fund Hachyderm and our sponsor list.


New to Hachyderm and Mastodon in general? These docs are for you! For deeper documentation about Mastodon features, please refer to the Mastodon section.

Open Source Infrastructure

Description of our public infrastructure that keeps Hachyderm online.

Moderation at Hachyderm

How we moderate here at Hachyderm

Rule Explainer

Expanded explanation of the rules that govern user conduct on Hachyderm.

Sexual Content

Policies and thoughts on sexual content, NSFW content, 18+ content, sexually charged content, sexual imagery, and its relationship to Hachyderm users and marginalized communities.

Monetary Posts

Policies and thoughts on monetarily focused post (including but not limited to: mutual aid, charity fundraisers, affiliate links), and its relationship to Hachyderm users and marginalized communities.

Account Types

Permissible Hachyderm account types and features, with an account FAQ.

Mastodon for Users and Moderators

Supplementary documentation for Hachyderm users and moderators.

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