The Israel-Palestine War

Blog Update and a Brief Discussion on the Israel-Palestine War

Hey Hachyderm,

Before we get started, we wanted to acknowledge that it’s been a while since we’ve written a blog post. Thank you for your patience! We’ve made a content plan and you should expect to see more activity through the blog starting this month covering a range of topics.

Today we wanted to discuss the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. There are a lot of emotions tied to the conversation because it hits home for many of us.

Where We Stand

Firstly, we want to make it clear that we’re heartbroken by the violence and the loss of innocent lives, and we stand firmly against war. The devastation and suffering caused by this war are tragedies, and we believe in the importance of peace and understanding to resolve disputes.

Speaking Up, With Respect

We uphold the right of our community members to express their views and critique political structures. However, we feel it’s important to remind our community that the guidelines don’t allow for blanket statements or sweeping claims about religions or people of a specific faith. It’s important to separate the actions of a government from the beliefs of individuals.

When it comes to the Israel-Palestine war, we know religion is a big part of society for both sides. However, let’s not forget that religions aren’t defined solely by these governments, even if their leaders are prominent figures with loud voices. As moderators, we support Hachydermians when they need to vent or criticize situations and decisions. That said, sweeping generalizations and intolerance will not be supported.

As we continue to discuss this topic, let’s strive to promote understanding, empathy, and respect. Remember, behind every post and comment there’s a real person that we could learn from and grow with through respectful and open-minded conversations.

We recommend reviewing the Give Yourself permission section of our Mental Health and Boundaries document for help and ideas to support yourself when having conversations involving long term crises:


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