Updating Domain Blocks

Update on domain blocks.

Today we are unblocking x0f.org from our list of suspended instances to federate with. Hachyderm will begin federating with x0f.org immediately.

Reason for suspending

We believe the original suspension was related to early moderation actions taken earlier in 2022. The moderation actions took place before Hachyderm had a process/policy in place to communicate and provide reasoning for the suspension.

Reason for removing suspension

According to our records, we have no reports on file that constitute a suspension of this domain. The domain was brought to our attention as likely flagged by mistake. After review we have determined that there is no reason to suspend this domain.

A Note On Suspensions

It is important to us to protect Hachyderm’s community and our users. We may not always get this right, and we will often make mistakes. Thank you to our dedicated users for surfacing this (and the other 13 domains) we have removed from our suspension list. Thank you to the broader fediverse for being patient with us as we continue to iterate on our processes in this unprecedented space.